Don S. Shoemaker furniture designs produced by SEÑAL, S.A.

Don S. Shoemaker is Mexico´s most accomplished Mid century furniture designer. His furniture masterpieces in tropical woods from the 1960´s and 1970´s are becoming important examples of 20th century design. The precious woods used to produce his organic forms were unmatchable by any other furniture designer of his time. When I refer to his organic designs, I am talking about a marvelous wood prototype I had the opportunity to see, sit and enjoy, which was the base of what we know now as his simple “SLING” chair, made in some sort of bone shape disposition.

I will show samples of his original designs and furniture models. I invite you all to share in this site comments and pictures of your Don S. Shoemaker original furniture pieces. Lately I have seen a wide range of fakes or attributed pieces on sale on the web, in magazines, at auctions and even on renowned showrooms. This is an invitation to fight for the purity of Don S. Shoemakers lifetime work that I am sure every owner of a chair, stool or table of the real SEÑAL, S.A. production will share with me as long as when you own, care and cherish your solid tropical wood piece you become a “Shoemakeristi” and we do not want the corruption of his designs and name.

During the decade of the 1970´s Don also experimented with linear designs, he challenged the traditional boundaries of functional design and created the renowned “Diamond Line” or sometimes called the “Z” models. Built in stack-laminated wood this line became very well known through the iconic “diamond desk”, which was used by Jacobo Zabludovsky, one of Mexico´s most famous newscasters on his daily TV program. Unfortunately there are many new copies of this desk in the market; street tales say that only a total of 25 were produced but the unlabeled desks currently on sale might be easily ten times that number.

If the piece seems odd, the leather is brand new, the wood looks new and smells like new and carries no label or stamp or is taped then it is a new copy!

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