The legendary Elephant Lounge Set

Don´s imagination had no limits. This particular design dating back to the 1960´s, is in my opinion one of Don´s most overwhelming design achievements: the legendary “Elephant Lounge”.

The “Elephant Lounge” was a limited edition of 5 sets produced in solid tropical woods. The set itself includes three very heavy peaces of furniture: 2 gorgeous lounge chairs and an amazing coffee table, a table design I have not seen elsewhere. The unique “elephant” design is obvious, as each front side of the lounge chairs are shaped giving the impression of an elephant head (armrest) with his eye, trunk (legs) and ears on each side (see pictures). Another unique feature: the chairs include the same mechanism as the Sling Swinger chairs, as they are able to move back and forth smoothly (see picture detail). Of course, the typical curved back-rail (signature of  the house) is important to notice.

We had the privilege to purchase at the time one of these limited edition “Elephant Lounge” sets, and I am very proud to present some pictures.

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  1. mrs. goyer, i have seen other pair of elephant chairs as you describe in a close auction in mexico city as well other items which from my point of view and based on your recommendations are fake can you explain us is my perception is true. the auction is close.


    • Javier,
      Thank you for your comments. I have received an overwhelming amount of mails related to this same subject, so I feel obliged to elaborate the next 2-3 posts with the material that kindly some readers have forwarded in order to make the point clear. What I can tell you right now is that you are not alone in that perception. GOOOOOOD!
      P.S.: I received the picture of a deckchair on this same auction. My first thought was: its a joke from one of my readers!


    • Mrs. Goyer.

      Thanks for your reply and the comments regards this apocryphal shoemaker´s as amateur collector we should take care a lot about this versions since the prices have increased and the dealers act in a more mercenary way than ever.


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