Don S. Shoemaker furniture pieces at Museums

During past years Don S. Shoemaker´s work has been presented at several Mexico Modernism designer exhibitions. Worth mentioning: “Vida y Diseño. 125 años del diseño en México” (Life and Design. 125 years of design in Mexico), which took place at the Palacio de Iturbide in Mexico City from December 2009 until the end of February 2010. This exhibition showed a selection of Don S. Shoemaker furniture pieces among works by other 20th century Mexico Modernism designers. Although I was disappointed by the poor research work done about Don S. Shoemaker, the furniture pieces on display were dated to have been produced during his childhood in the 1930´s and 1940’s…. Don did not establish himself in Mexico until 1947, later he made acquaintance with precious woods and he became so fond of them that he moved to Morelia, Michoacan marking the beginning of his production of furniture pieces in tropical woods until the early 1950´s.

Also the Museo de Arte Moderno (MAM) in Mexico City presented some of Don´s furniture pieces in their exhibitionLa colección: las rutas de la abstracción. México 1950-1979 (The collection: routes of abstraction. Mexico 1950-1979). The collection included works of Carlos Mérida, Mathias Goeritz, Manuel Felguérez, Vicente Rojo, Helen Escobedo, Arnaldo Cohen, Michael van Beuren, Don S. Shoemaker, Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, among others. The exhibition closed in October 2009, but a Scissor Sling chair produced by Don S. Shoemaker in the 1960´s is part of their Mexico Modernism designer collection.

This original folding chair is made in solid cocobolo wood with nicely worn black leather upholstery. You may consider a weekend visit to the MAM to study this wonderful Don S. Shoemaker furniture piece.

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