Exotic woods folding tables

Don always envisioned that his furniture designs had to be able to fulfill the expectations of the owner of a small flat as well as a large city home or a luxurious Mexican hacienda. The SEÑAL, S.A. folding tables are a good example of his creativity around space improvements.

These small portable tables produced in tropical woods (“cueramo” combined with parquetry designs including local rosewood variants, “primavera” and mahogany) are extremely versatile, folded and stored away easily.

During our many good times together in Santa Maria de Guido I picked several of them to furnish our homes, and they have served me very well all these years not only because they are very handy but also because they look terrific anywhere indoors or at my terrace for the afternoon snack. Some samples:

Folding table by Don S. Shoemaker (1960's)

Folding table by Don S. Shoemaker

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