Coffee Tables – The “Cuerno” Tables

In previous posts I have already touched base on Don´s very personal style coffee table designs.  I have commented on Don´s distinctive “Sling” coffee table, the sophisticated “Elephant Lounge” coffee table as well as a very rare large coffee table that he designed back in the 1960’s. Don´s coffee tables bear their very own identity; they are one-of-a-kind and matchless to the work of other furniture designers of the same period.

Today I will present “The Marquesa tables” created by Don S. Shoemaker in the 1960’s. The table´s leg design resemble the shape of “horns”,  for this reason they became more known as the Shoemaker “Cuerno” tables and with time, even Don named them that way. The “Cuerno” tables were available in 3 sizes: small (side table), medium (regular coffee table) and large (large coffee table)  produced in tropical woods (mainly rosewood) with a finely handcrafted parquetry top. Below the vintage SEÑAL, S.A. catalogue page for “The Marquesa Tables“:

Two pictures of a “Cuerno” coffee table (medium size) from my personal collection are shown here. This appealing coffee table makes a great match with one pair of  “Sling” Swinger chairs that I have, everybody falls in love with this combination. Pay attention to the” horn” shaped legs (close-up).

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