Eero Saarinen´s Womb Chair (1948) and Pedestal Collection (1956) – KnollStudio

During his long association with Knoll Eero Saarinen designed many important pieces of furniture including the “Grasshopper” lounge chair and ottoman (1946), the “Womb” chair and ottoman (1948), the “Womb” settee (1950), side and arm chairs (1948–1950), and his most famous “Tulip” or “Pedestal” group (1956), which featured side and arm chairs, dining, coffee and side tables, as well as a stool. All of these designs were highly successful except for the “Grasshopper” lounge chair, which, although in production through 1965, was not a big success.
Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman (1948) – KnollStudio
Eero Saarinen’s celebrated, biomorphic “Womb Chair” is one of his most recognizable designs. It features a steel rod base with a polished chrome finish. It was designed exclusively for Knoll and it displays the Finnish-born designer’s flair for challenging rules, breaking molds and setting new standards for modern design. The Womb Chair and Ottoman have sold for more than half a century, currently available at KnollStudio in 3 sizes: standard, medium and small. The standard and medium sizes have an accompanying ottoman. The Chair is constructed of foam over a molded, reinforced fiberglass shell.

Tulip Chairs by Eero Saarinen (1956) – KnollStudio
Saarinen’s Pedestal collection was designed between 1955 and 1957 as a part of his “one piece, one material” furniture philosophy. The Tulip armchair is part of the Pedestal Group of tables, stools and chairs, created to solve Saarinen’s dislike of the ‘slum of legs.’ Saarinen’s original intention to become a sculptor is evident in his use of non-rectilinear forms and constant striving for innovative solutions to age old questions. The Tulip chair is a plastic molded seat mounted on a single aluminum pedestal. Eero Saarinen wanted to make it completely from plastic, to achieve a continuous single-piece construction, but the strength of the pedestal was in doubt, so he painted the aluminum to make it look like plastic. The Tulip chair combines a molded fiberglass shell with optional swivel seat or fixed position on a cast aluminum pedestal base. KnollStudio offers the Saarinen tulip chairs with or without arms.

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