Sacco ‘beanbag’ Chair by Zanotta (1968)

Designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini & Franco Teodoro in 1968. The “Sacco” was the first mass production ‘beanbag’ chair – filled with highly resistant expanded polystyrene pellets. The “Sacco” is still in production by Zanotta and unlike the many copycats available in the markets, it still is a quality product produced in a number of colorful fabrics and leather. An interesting feature of the Sacco often overlooked by imitators is a functional ‘headrest’ area, where dislodged pellets congregate to support the head when the chair is occupied. An icon of 20th century design.
The incredible success story of the Sacco began, when in 1968 the architect and designer trio Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro approached Italian furniture designer Zanotta with their brand-new concept. Extremely open to unusual ideas, Zanotta was at this time the most important producer of Radical Design in Italy. Moreover, the revolutionary Sacco was easy to make. Having tried out chestnut tree leaves, water and sand variously as fillings the designer trio opted for tennis balls, which later led to the use of polystyrene pellets – they make this hip seat so light and portable. A further benefit emerges on the sitter occupying Sacco – a backrest is created, which remains firm thanks to the pressure of the pellets against the cover. And since changing sitting position frequently is absolutely crucial for healthy sitting, Sacco is also ergonomically a brilliant achievement. Liberal thinking through liberal sitting!

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