Robin Day “Polo Chair” (1972)

The “Polo Chair” was the first indoor/outdoor polypropylene chair originally designed in 1972 by Robin Day for Hille. September 2000 saw Robin Day and Loft re-launch the Polo Chair in 10 different colors. The distinctive holes on the seat base are able to dispel water and the holes on the back to drain wind when used outside but look character full wherever they are used. Effective in use at home or within more commercial uses such as in leisure activities, hotels, bars, schools, stadiums office, hospitals, meeting, waiting and in domestic or commercial dining applications. Polo Chair is available in its 4 leg version, bar stool, office IT 5 star versions as well as stadium fixed beam seating. Designed to be perfect for future recycling utilizing mild steel and polypropylene the chair is also considered to be very ‘green’. Keeping with this ethos Loft has also issued the ECO version made entirely from recycled materials. Manufactured by Loft.

One comment

  1. Hello –
    I want to buy six of the chairs – my brother do have a couple of the chairs – and I have also become to like them
    very much !! Is it possible to buy via this site ??

    kind regards berit bekker.


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