The Teddy Bear Chair by Hans J. Wegner (1951)

The Teddy Bear Chair was the first Hans J. Wegner design produced at PP Møbler and it marked the beginning of a life-long passionate collaboration involving generations of craftsmen and countless hours of work in the workshop developing prototypes and production techniques for numerous Wegner models. And yet, The Teddy Bear Chair remained the most exclusive piece of them all. Consider it an investment for life, and along comes at least 2 weeks of thorough work of Danish craftsmen. Hand build from the bottom up with a solid wooden frame strongly joined and shaped to make a proper base for the comprehensive upholstery work. Apart from the seat cushion no foam is used in the upholstery – only 4 basic natural materials; cotton fiber, palm fiber, tow and horse hair. And then of course springs carefully build up to support the back.
The Teddy Bear Chair received its name after a critic had referred to its armrests as ‘great bear paws embracing you from behind’. In the later years, the Teddy Bear Chair has been one of the most popular Wegner designs of all. As early as 1953, PP Møbler became the sub-supplier of the frames for the Teddy Bear Chair. And even though PP Møbler did not get its own Wegner designs until 1969, the actual cooperation began here. This cooperative effort was followed by development work on many of Wegner’s prototypes. PP Møbler resumed the production of this chair in celebration of the workshop’s 50th anniversary. Originally it was designed for AP Stolen in 1951. Wegner also designed a foot-rest for the Teddy Bear Chair.

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