Tree Trunck Bench by Joaquim Tenreiro (circa 1954)

Two-seater carved wood Tree Trunk Bench in solid vinhático wood. Brazil. By 1943 Joaquim Tenreiro had started his own furniture design company, opening offices in Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana, and, due to the increasing success of his designs, he opened another shop in 1953 in Sao Paolo. By the end of the 1950’s, Tenreiro was employing about 100 craftsmen to construct his designs. The success of the business was evident among Brazilians, but the recognition and growing size of the company led to turmoil, resulting in its closing in the late 1960´s. Tenreiro turned his focus back to art, though with an emphasis on sculpting wood, using the same distinctly modern design sensibilities in these works as he had with his furniture, earning him the title “Sculptor of the Year” in 1978 by the Association of Art Critics of Paulista, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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