The brand new chair (2016) used for the Don S. Shoemaker invitation as shown at the MAM exhibition

This brand new chair made in 2016 was used for the invitation to the opening and billboards for the Don S. Shoemaker “retrospective”, on display at the Don S. Shoemaker Diseño artesanal e industrial exhibition taking place at the Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City. (Compare differences to the original visible at the top of the second picture “View of the exhibition at the Museo de Arte Moderno in 1975” on this post).

Text description: (Spanish)
“Don S. Shoemaker, Silla Años 1960, (ensamblada en 2016 con partes originales, tapizada en 2016) Granadillo. Colección Familia Shoemaker. Esta pieza fue revisada por técnicos especialistas del CENCROPAM y de la Escuela de Artesanías del INBA en Septiembre, 2016”

“Don S. Shoemaker, Chair ca. 1960’s (assembled in 2016 with original parts, upholstered in 2016) Granadilla wood. Shoemaker Family Collection. This piece was checked by specialist tecnicians from the CENCROPAM and the INBA Handcrafts School in September, 2016.”

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