The Contemporary Mexican Style: Antonio Attolini Lack

For many critics Mexican architects Ricardo Legorreta and Antonio Attolini Lack were the inheritors of the so called Barragán “emotional architecture”. The term “emotional architecture” is the name given to the style of modernist architecture conceived by German émigré architect and sculptor Mathias Goeritz; formulated in 1954 through his “Emotional Architecture Manifesto”. Goeritz frustrated by the cold functionalism of modernism, embraced space, color and light to create buildings that engendered warmth, meditation, and reflection.

Antonio Attolini Lack´s personal evolution was greatly influenced by architect Francisco Artigas, with whom he worked with from 1952 til 1955. By 1955 Attolini Lack founded his own atelier, designing in the International Style with a pronounced influence of Richard Neutra. This first period lasts from 1955 until 1964 and covers Attolini´s well-known residential projects at the “Jardines del Pedregal de San Angel”.

Around 1968 Attolini had a turning point in his career after the construction of the Church de la Santa Cruz del Pedregal in Mexico City. From that time on he starts developing his own style. This second period is influenced by the elements of traditional Mexican architecture and the work produced by Mexican artisans, by means of textiles, ceramics and silversmiths. Attolini Lack´s colors were white, violet-blue, ochre and burned red, taken from the cultural traditions of Colonial Mexico convents.

Attolini Lack also was a master draftsman, several drawings made for his residential projects at the Jardines del Pedregal de San Angel are in the collection of the MoMA in NYC.

Attolini was a very prolific architect, he was not only the planner of his spaces, he was the creator, designer, drawer and artisan of his projects. He designed doors, metal grills, handles, stoneware lamps, rugs, furniture for interiors and exteriors, jewelry, tableware, book holders, etc. to pursue the perfect harmony among spaces. He had a “family of artisans and collaborators” for the complete design and development of his assignments.

Below are some of Antonio Attolini Lack´s furniture and interior designs:

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