Carved Chest from Don´s “Colonial Series”

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Don used his state-of-the-art equipment installed at SEÑAL, S.A. to produce a full range of colonial style furniture designs. This very decorative chest with capriciously carved flowers was part of his very unique colonial furniture production. These chests came furnished with a stand to keep them off the floor thus enhancing their beauty.

You may also want to check  Dick Shoemaker´s video from 1986 about Don S. Shoemaker and SEÑAL, S.A. in Santa Maria de Guido, Morelia. The video shows a few shots on the production of these beautifully carved chests.


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Don S. Shoemaker´s Colonial Series

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Today I will show a sample of Don S. Shoemaker ‘s “Colonial Series” from my personal collection.

This sewing table is very rare and produced in alder wood.

Below, a sample page of  the SEÑAL, S.A. catalogue featuring one of Don´s Colonial tables.

With these posts, I hope that you are able to broaden your horizons about Don S. Shoemaker´s unlimited imagination and creativity.

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